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Collaboration mode - Who uses it and how? Answered

Hi. I'm working on a study project concerning collaborative efforts and virtual design-processes. I've noticed that when creating an instructable you have the opportunity to switch on "collaboration mode", which allows other users to pitch in, alter text and upload files and steps. What I'm wondering is how is this actually being used? is it mainly for people who are in the same physical location working on the same project or are people from different parts of the world actually managing to create ibles together using this feature? What are your experiences with it and what do you think of the feature? Any answer is much appreciated. Thank you :)


The three most collaborative collaborations have been Goodhart's T-shirt, Thanking Instructables and What to do if Harrassed.

Each time, one or two people had a grand idea, then roped in others to help.

I was involved in all three of those, but I have also collaborated on a smaller scale - with my wife on a scarf (she knitted, I took photos), and with others who have been able to annotate diagrams for me.

This is really interesting. One of the main focuses of my project is about ways to release that type of information (useful hints, tips, know-how, etc.) and make it easier to find or show up when and if you need it. How great is it then to see that users of Instructables are already trying to find ways to actually share this kind of knowledge :) I think one of the biggest problems though with the system as it is, is that mostly every piece of information or knowledge is lodged or embedded within their respective ible or forum-post, meaning I pretty much have to know the tip is there in order to even use it, which makes it a lot less useful than if it popped up or was easily available whenever I might need it. For instance if I was doing a project on tiles, it would be nice to have an easy way to find tips and hints relating to working with tiles. That information is already there within the Instructopedia, but I doubt I would find it unless I already knew it was there. The exact same thing goes for a lot of other aspects of Instructables. While I absolutely love browsing Instructables and exploring, the place is getting more and more crowded with each day and I think really needs a better way of sorting through all the information here.

Don't be a yapper, I'll add you as a collaborator to Instructopedia aye?

Hehe, sorry. I've been working 24/7 on this project for a week now so I vent at any given opportunity. I would be happy to contribute to the Instructopedia :)

I've seen more than a few dual collaborations; they're probably relatively easy to coordinate. The four big ones mentioned above raise some interesting issues.

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Great. thank you for the response :). This helped me get a better idea of how the feature was being used P.S. The "Thanking Instructables" ible is overly awesome! nice job