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Colorado Meet & Greet Answered

I would like to put together a meet and greet for any fellow builders, DIY'rs, Instructables members. We can meet and compare our preferred hobby's, trade ideas and just have some fun. Having a physically accessible community of like minded people here in Colorado would sure be nice.
Please send me a message if your interested. If I get any interest I will contact people back with further details. 

Thanks, and I hope this works.


I also live in San Francisco, but I'll be in Boulder, CO over the holidays visiting family and I'd love to take a break from them and come to a meet up if it's held around that time and place :)

It will be about an hour and a half south of there, but I still don't know when yet. I will try to keep you updated.

Bummer, I'm just now seeing this post. I could have hosted all of you in my studio in Denver. Let's plan for 2015.

I'm in the Denver metro area.

Cool, I just left there to come back to springs, but that is plenty close enough. Have you tried the community workshop up there? I never got the chance, but I've been dying to know if its any good.

They don't meet, it is a workshop you can pay hourly or monthly to use, it has a wood shop, metal shop, auto shop and 3D printers and classes. Google community workshop Denver, I think it is called Club Workshop

oooooh. yeah, I have been to club workshop a few times... but... they've closed. I think I heard of another similar one openning, tho.

I'd be interested. I'm normally working from Instructables HQ in San Francisco, but I've got family in and around Denver. And I'll be back in everyone's favorite rectangular state (sorry 'pokes) for the holidays...

Awesome, "Danger is my middle name", will also be here around that time, this could work.

I'm on the wrong continent, but that's a great idea.

Good luck.