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Combine two usb solar panels for higher wattage output Answered

So, just thinking about this.  I have an anker 14w foldable solar panel.  I like it, but it seems to not quite have the wattage output that I would prefer.  What if I were to make cable that would join these two usb output sources into one.  Same voltage of course, just higher wattage potential.

Again, just an idea.  Thoughts?


Does the panel go straight to a USB plug or is there a built in battery the panel charges and then the battery charges your device?

Well, both the Anker and the Goal Zero has a female usb type A slot. So anything usb would connect and potentially be charged. My biggest issue is the sun is never perfect, neither is the output of these panels. So I was thinking of making a usb cable to combine the amps.

Funny enough, something clicked in my head. The cable exists for powering usb LTE cards and usb hard drives. They push data over 1 usb and extra power over the other, combining the wattage.

The circuitry in the usb ports on the panels should address any back feeding. So, having two panels devices that need charging and a usb inline meter, I plan to test this out some more next week! The Anker Solar Panel is very affordable, with two of them together would be nice wattage for even iphones/ipads and usb battery packs to charge in a decent time period.

You can put them in parallel with a diode each in the line.
Voltage stays the same and diodes prevent that voltage/current is going from one panel to the other.

So, like with the Anker 14w and the Goal Zero 7 watt panels, they have a built in usb port that you can plug, lets say an iPhone into to charge. If memory serves, I am pretty sure , both panels already have diodes that prevent reverse voltage, hence, protecting each panel from sucking wattage from the other, and the device. So, this may not be a bad idea then. Sounds like I need to make a cable!