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Combining sketches and wiring? Answered

Hi, I'm new to arduino and electronics, wonder if you can advise me on this wee project I'm trying out . I'm into photography, trying to get water drips to collide. I found a programme in Instructables that opens and closes a solenoid, the guy uses blink sketch to activate the solenoid and change the speed of the activation ( or water drips in my case.)

I've been following your lessons on Arduino and I've just came onto the lesson about using a switch, so I'm wondering how I can combine the blink sketch with the button sketch, and the correct way to do the wiring up on my Arduino board for the both of them so that I can stop and start the water drips, I need to be able to control 2 drips then stop the solenoid

I've really been enjoying your lessons, but I'm almost 70, if you can help I'd be very grateful.

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bekathwiaBest Answer (author)2017-07-16

Sounds feasible! The wiring should be similar to the switch circuit, and you already know how to set a pin HIGH and LOW with digitalWrite();. Without knowing how the switch is supposed to affect the solenoid action, I can't say what mods to the switch code you'd have to make, if any. Solenoids draw a fair bit more power than a single LED, so you'll want to use something similar to the transistor/motor circuit at the end of this lesson to allow a lot of current to flow when the pin is triggered (but not deliver that electricity through the pin itself, you see). Unfortunately I cannot create custom diagrams and Arduino sketches for every student, regardless of age, but can offer an encouraging word and verification that your project idea is within your reach!

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0range (author)bekathwia2017-07-18

Hi bekathwia,

The fact that my project sounds ok and is within my reach is really encouraging, I've learned a lot since asking my question and if I'm successful I'll send you my results, thanks. These singles will soon be doubles!!

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