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Comet 404-x 126 cartridge help.? Answered

Hello. I've come to own a Comet 404-X Camera and i cannot find any 126 cartridges anyware so if someone could give a suggestion on how to make a replacement/adapter it would be helpfull. Thanks.



7 years ago

You might have a bigger problem finding somewhere to develop and print the film.
Chemical film developing is disappearing. Digital is just way less expensive. Physical film is more in the realm of the artist anymore. I still have all my darkroom equipment but I haven't opened one of the boxes in a long time.

so then should i give up and sell my camera for 20P? (thats double the price i got it for) or my other idea make some sort of 'adapter' for 35mm film to fit in my comet?

As I linked to earlier, IF you can get a 126 cartridge you can refill it with 35 mm film. As for developing, either find a place that still does it or do it yourself.


Thats why i wanted to know if amyone knew how to make a adapter, because i cant.

I would really hate to discourage anyone from using film. I loved/love it. I have 2 high end 35 mm SLR cameras and extra lenses to go with them. I have a 300mm f4 telephoto lens the size of a small telescope. I majored in cinema and photography at a large university. So film is something I am very intimate with. However --- things have changed. My cameras have sat in a cabinet for years. I have gone mostly digital. And its not just the cost and convenience factors. Digital has really improved to the point that its actually better than film in many instances. And its definitely more versatile. Film is still an art medium, and hopefully will continue to be, but mainstream is all digital.
So, if you can find film and can afford to experiment with it then I would encourage you to do so. Learn how to develop your own black and white film, its actually pretty easy, and then use a scanner to convert the negatives to digital so you can print them out. It would be fun and educational. There is a lot you can do, just be aware its not as simple as point, click and print, which is what digital is now. It takes dedication.

Ok, open the search I linked to and add "in England" without the quotes. Something is bound to pop up there.