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Coming Soon: Garden Contest - UPDATE Answered

It's spring! That means that it's time to be excited about doing some gardening and helping plants grow grow grow. To help get you in the spirit we're going to be having a Garden Contest coming soon.

We don't have any further details about prizes and dates and such just yet, but it's not too far off in the future. So if you have any garden Instructables you've been thinking about publishing, hold off until the contest begins.

Garden Contest will begin this Wednesday. Prizes include some sweet and handy tools for the garden including a camera that helps you make timelapse movies of your plants growing!


I have three gardens to murder and fix, this could be good... 

On a side note, I managed to crash a camping chair yesterday, turns out the tunnels the rabbit left a rather widespread and complex burrow/doom fortress. 

I was initially going to post an Instructable on how to build a stone fountain for your garden.  I wonder if it would qualify for this contest?  It has planters built in, after all....


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Sounds rather complex, actually...  but fantastically fun to watch!

Watering is almost the easy part, just a system of irrigation pipes with a controller or timer.

No, it's everything else that's the problem.  Pruning, weeding, pest removal, all that stuff.  If I wanted to make it work, I'd have to make a routine of it.  And that's where the lack of time poses a problem.

OK, I revise my request:  Create an automated weed remover, and you get my vote!

See if your local library or bookstore has a copy of Square Foot Gardening.  It's a system designed for people who don't have the time, etc for a lot of gardening, but still want fresh food from their garden.  You don't need a huge space either...just a couple 4 x 4 foot set-ups and you're on your way to some nutritious home-grown food!  ...Add another 4 x 4 set-up and you can have flowers to bring in for bouquets all summer long.  And, you don't need to add chemical fertilizers or sprays, keeping the whole thing organic and healthier for you and the earth!

Using his set-up, you'll know exactly how many seeds to plant in each square foot so you don't have to waste time thinning once the seedlings come up.  His soil mix is fabulous and doesn't need nearly as much watering as most gardens due to the peat moss and vermiculite in it which both hold moisture.  And, because it's a raised bed, you don't have as many bugs...and bugs are also reduced because things are planted at appropriate spaces, and overcrowding often encourages insects or at least gives 'em a place to hide!  All in all, it's a pretty easy system for busy people or grannies like me!  Good luck

If I did plant a garden, that's how I'd do it.  Just a few 3x4 or 4x4 raised boxes.  It's also true that I'm spending more time outside now that I have kids who like to play outside.  Perhaps I can make time for it, if I limit the scope and size of the garden.


I know I'm a bit off topic here, jeff-o, but I didn't know you had CHILDREN...well, that's a whole different gardening story!  KIDS love gardening, and there are so many fun things you can do with them to teach them about conservation and growing things and nutrition and make it fun, not lessons!  Once a kid spends a summer afternoon in the shade of their own bean tee-pee made out of bamboo poles with beans they planted themselves, they'll remember it forever. 

FRESH pea pods or tomatoes picked and eaten right off the vine develops a life-long love of healthy vegetables.  Give the kids a small garden of their own (square foot gardening is perfect for this) and let them plant what they want in it. 

I've even seen some seeds packaged specifically for children that show vegetables with cute faces on them on the outside of the packet if you are into spending a little extra $$ for the sake of cuteness.  And, of course, kids can get their own garden tools, gloves and boots, too. 

Google children's gardens and you'll find all manner of projects to do with the kids in the garden.  THEN, when they're all fresh from their evening bath and ready for their pre-bedtime story, read them "The Secret Garden" or any of the other garden stories available for kids at your local library.

Are they into "animals"?  My grandkids are into vermicomposting.  They LOVE taking the day's potato peelings or carrot tops or shredded junk mail out to the worm bin to feed the worms.  Then, the kids have "tea" with their plants...after brewing and watering worm tea into their plants, they wash up and have a tea party in the garden with their Mom (and sometimes lucky grandmas!)  Take it a step further and add to the fun and value by adding a few chickens to your family so you can "grow your own" fertilizer and get fresh home-grown eggs...something my daughter and son-in-law have just done.  What fun...and what memories!

You simply CAN'T raise children without giving them the joy of working the soil and creating baskets full of FOOD and pretty flowers from teeny tiny seeds.   Some of my best childhood memories are in the garden with my parents and grandparents and later my own children, and I'm now making NEW garden memories with my grandkids!  

Well, I don't think I'm ready to raise my own chickens just yet (and it might be illegal in my city, I'll have to check), but you make some fantastic points.  My daughter (2.5 years old) loves digging in the dirt, so having a garden seems like a natural fit.  She's already got some gardening tools of her own, but they're only used for her sand box right now.

OK, I'll talk to my wife about setting up a garden.  It'll need protection from critters though, there are lots of wild animals that would love a free lunch.

Thanks for the inspiration, we'll see if anything happens!


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Maybe I'd only let my friends play with it then.  Instead of hours playing Farmville, they could do real work!


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Hmmm, how about this:

live web cam + robotic hand + millions of people on the web

= free gardening!

I think we're on to something.  I'm off to register www.tendmygarden.com!

WOW!!!  I'm "The Pond Plant Girl" so am very excited! I grow artichokes too.  Hope I win!


 Awsome, i planted artichokes for a friend of mine, they where up to my waist! 110cm~
2 years ago though...

Hi I tired the but it was not working me. I even tired just a minute ago too.    You are very funny watching one of your youtube

That's beautiful! 
I planted a standard green artichoke on my hill last spring, but while it's still alive it's not producing yet.  I remain hopeful, though, and plan to give it some purple friends!

Thanks! I hope you will check out my website. My contact info is on there too.  Artichokes should be in full sun.  At this time of year, you should feed it steer manure at least 2 times per month or every 2 weeks.  Water twice per day when the weather is hot and 1 time per day when the weather is mild. Artichokes need good drainage.  If they soak in water they can get root rot within a matter of 3 days.  Go snail hunting each day... they love artichokes too!  I've got lots more helpful growing tips on my website.



hi do you have any seed for the purple artichoke? i would love to have a few i got a green one growing in my yard now.

Picture 601.jpg

Isn't it fun!  I have 6 varieties: purple violetta, red romanesco, jumbo green globe, regular green globe, imperial star, and another I can't remember the name.  Love your pic!  Check out my website with artichoke stuff at www.pondplantgirl.com/artichoke-care.htm

I don't think I have anymore purple seeds, but am waiting for what I do have to go to seed.  I usually purchase all my gourmet reds and purples on eBay.

Thanks!  Would like to get to know you better.  There's a link for my facebook on the website too.


I really should have taken pictures of my school experiment testing the effects of increased carbon dioxide...

Awesome, I can't wait!  The two big projects I'm working on will fit nicely into a garden contest!


8 years ago

Oh yeah, gonna ible it up on this contest!

awesome! i have a few to upload from around my yard at the moment as we are in the processes or redoing some of the veggie gardens..

AWESOME! im farming out my whole yard!

Dang! I just published my garden istructable.


8 years ago

Hey, if anyone can post an Instructable on "how to tend a garden for people who can't even care for a single houseplant," I'll give 'em my vote in this contest!

I really want a veggie garden, but I just don't have the time to tend it properly.  I've got lots of space outside though, and I'm prepared to throw money at it, too.

Would slide-shows (say, of established gardens) be allowed?

How strictly "garden" would the contest be?  Would a non-plant garden ornament be allowed?

 I have a garden now! wwooooo!!!

Yay, I have a good idea for this! 

I have been waiting for this!