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Coming Soon: Stuff On A Stick Contest Answered

Coming soon a new contest from Instructables: Stuff On A Stick!

We are hosting a contest that features our favorite food item, stuff on sticks. From cakes to pies to ice cream sandwiches (How Do They Work??) we want your best food items... ON STICKS!

The contest will start july 25th, giving you enough time to eat a few boxes of Popsicles.

Here are some good on stick projects:
Cake Pops
Pie Pops
Ice Cream sandwich on a stick
Giant Gummy Bear on a stick
Minnesota State Fair on a stick

This is a speed contest so it won't run for very long, so get crackin'! Good Luck!


I dont lose my appetite that easily, and... i just did after that video -_-'... Poor Chicky xD


Ooooook, now I've finished that extremely long and amusing video: Any one care for McDonald's on a stick? :D

McDonald's on a stick?

I have seen a burger joint on stilts, would that count?

Nope, it has to Ronald himself ;-)

I'll give a patch to anyone who films themselves eating a Big Mac on a stick.

I work at McDonalds, so guess what I'm going to order next time after work! :D

Ha, sounds good! Make sure you document it, and I'll see about preparing a patch...

Preparing a batch? Of Big Macs on a stick? Tough...

Whoah. I need to read things twice.

betcha i could beat him to it!

3 cheers for food on sticks!


7 years ago

I call dibs on Squid On A Stick!

You just... go ahead and... do that. I'm sure everyone else was in the process of making their squid on a stick instructable, and now they are all useless :D

Hmm, shall I then trump that with Octopi on a stick ? LOL

But wouldn't that need to be "Octopi on Eight Sticks"? ;)

Octopi being more then one octopus, if you used a stick for each appendage, you'd need more then eight. I was thinking a stick up the middle of 2 or 3 and you'd have a flower-like arrangement; suitable for "a really good chew" (groan).

(Now you guys have got me craving calimari.)

I hereby challenge you all: Spaghetti (or, even more so, vermicelli), on a Stick!

Yeah, think about all the pastabilities...

Hotdog on a stick! Oh wait...
Hamburger on a stick? I honestly don't know if this has been done before or not...

Sugar cube on a stick?

Breadstick on a Stick?
Peppermint Stick on a Stick?
Carrotstick on a Stick?

Arduino on a stick??

Stick shift on a broom stick?

I've just experienced an epiphany:

Sticky Bun On A Stick!!!


7 years ago

how about bbq-anything-you-can-find on a stick :)

could have a hot dog through bread, so its bread on a stick.

Now, what crazy outrageous item can I put on a stick..

would it have wafers with it?

how about a deep-fried STICK ON A STICK!

I am going to have to do something utterly wong for this

That typo really added to it... I am considering the most upsetting food to put on a stick then combine with another to make something can only be considered food in a hypothetical manner. After doing so I will eat it, or if the opportunity arises, weaponise my culinary spawn

EXPLODING CUMPAKES ON A STICK!!!!!!!!!111!!!!!1!!!!11!!!!!oneone!!!!!!!1eleven!

.  I saw a commercial on TV for a "Tater Tornado" that makes spiral-cut potatoes on a stick. A DIY version might make a good project for someone.