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Coming to America...! Answered

#1 Son, now more properly known as Roger-X is on his way to America. He's going to New York and environs with his Uncle.

I dropped him off with his grandparents this morning, and he flies at stupid o'clock tomorrow morning.

If you see an over-excited 12 year old in a blue coat, introduce yourself as an Instructabler - it would blow his mind.

(His photo is here - he's taller now, but you can't tell that from a photo.)


so how did he like america (if he had a bad experience then tell him that new york is supposed to be filled with mean people,as supposed to the rest of the country)

He should be on the way back in the next few hours - we are collecting him from the airport in the UK in about 12 hours. We had one crackling phone message to say he was having fun, but that's it. As far as I know he hasn't checked his account here, or his emails, but thankyou anyway to those iblers who offered to show him around, especially Caitlinsdad.

I though you tagged the boy with one of those RFID GPS implant chips to keep track of him. It would have been nice to meet the gentleman but the offer still stands if he or anyone from the Kiteman clan happens by this neck of the woods again. Next time use the Instructables travel agency to plan your itinerary.

He's back. Tired, but happy, he ended up spending most of his time meeting distant relatives, but he also went up the Empire State and visited the Smithsonian and the National Air & Space Museum. Or possily they are the same place - he isn't making much sense yet. Rest assured, when we next get anywhere near your corner of the planet, we will call on you and your guidance.

Sounds like he had to ride with the rest of the pups in the cargo hold. Time to unpack all of the trinkets that are made in China...

He had a good trip, he's just five hours behind the rest of us now (not good when your plane lands at 10am local time).

I hope for your sake that the presents aren't made in China - he brought me a dollar coin.

Hmm....Kids from English speaking countries seem to look more childish than Indonesian kids (no offense meant, I mean kids from English speaking countries as a whole).... 2 years ago, when I was 12 and a half I befriended this very short childish-looking kid that looked like he's at the oldest 9 but his voice is very deep so I ask him how old is he and he said 13....Huh....

The deep voice comes from the unnatural hormones that we put in the milk supply here. Unfortunately, the looks catch up real fast to people as they age past their teens.

That's cool. Too bad I don't live in New York.
Is he a Prince from Africa?

One of my favorite movies, right behind of the good the bad and the ugly.

i didn't think you'd know what I was talking about. Good Job

Yeah, yeah. Haven't you heard of pun migration?

So, has the eagle landed? Let me know if you need a sherpa to show them around the City, not to shlep bags. It would be fun to meet someone that has a real accent.

We had an answer machine message to say he had landed and was on the way to get the hire car.

There seems to e an intercontinental hiccup, in that when he rings and we answer, his call gets redirected to our answer service.

He has a relatively local guide - they're staying with a friend of his uncle, who is an east-european ex-pat.

I told him to check his orange board if he gets internet access while he's away - you ould leave him a message there, or PM him.

Their phone number has an 041 dialling code, if that's any help on geography?

I'll PM him. The 041 exchange must be one of those roaming cellphone lines. Difficult to trace unless you have them talking on the line.

Your not worried about the carnivorous monkey spiders that escaped from the zoo in New York that have killed 3 12 year olds already?

Haha - it's been and gone over here - we're hours ahead.

So your son looks like a Big Boy Knitting Stick? Is he here on holiday and whereabouts would I randomly spot such a creature?

>.> <.< Reading the title I was t first very suspicious, let's hope those damn Yanks give him a better welcome then a couple of other foreigners...

New Yorkers are all about equal opportunity. We discriminate against all equally.