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Comment deleting? Answered

I am new but I have posted many comments.  When people reply I get a notice under my user name page.  I like this feature but I have like 12 replied comments now and I want to get rid of the old notices I have read.  How?



Best Answer 8 years ago

No, you can't delete comments.  That would (obviously) destroy the cohesiveness of the threads involved (what would your repliers be replying to?).  As you create more comments to which people reply, you'll only see displayed the top ten.

 you cant do what you would like to do but you can delete any cooments that YOU post 

How can I delete comments that I post?
Thank you.


So it only shows the 10 newest replies to my comments?


There's no feature that I am aware of to remove comments from your Comments page. Since they post newest-on-top, I just ignore the ones I've already read and responded to.