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Comment post-processing does not respect line breaks in PRE-blocks Answered

I have just noticed that the post-processing done when a comment is posted does not respect line breaks included inside <PRE>...</PRE> blocks.  See, for example, my reply to https://www.instructables.com/answers/How-do-I-include-code-in-my-instructable-and-not-h/.  The preformatted text is shown as a single line, but entered it as three lines:

  The text seen here
  is in fixed format,
  sort of like source code.

Notice the line breaks, which are respected when I type stuff like the above in the WYSIWYG box (so the tags get converted to &lt;/&gt; entities).  Here is exactly the same five lines of text entry pasted into the Source interface:
    The text seen here    is in fixed format,    sort of like source code.  
As I'm looking at it now (in the editor), there are three separate lines, all in typewriter font.  However, when I publish this, that is likely to change...

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kelseymh (author)2010-02-23

BUMP.  This bug is still present, four months after it was reported.  No response from staff, unfortunately, nor in either of the other two related bug reports:


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