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Common materials for Clock hands? Answered

Hi!! I'm trying to create a clock out of a music CD and his cover... i've the mechanics and i've everything i need, i just don't know where to find the material to create the minutes and hours hands of the clock...
Do someone of you know some common material that i can use to make them? something not too hard to be found... i've seen that usually they're carved out of some alluminium, not too hard or too fragile, easy to cut...

If i manage to find the parts that i need i'll make a guide, i think that my idea could be appreciated :)


Most people buy them from the same place they get the mechanism

They are generally moulded plastic or pressed thin metal - usually aluminium.

i guess to hand make an empty soda can would be the best starting point.

Card would work.

Thin plastic - a cut down credit card or similar.


A cd case top


That's genius!! *_*
The empty can!! XD ok, i'll use that sheet metal!! :D
(btw, i looked in the same place where i bought the mechanism... but i bought two of them, the first one was apart, and there was no hands in that same place, i took the second one from an old clock, and the hands of that one was horrible XD)

You could use a thin sheet of aluminum or sheet metal. if you want a soda can would work nice

Amazon sell then is various styles.


mmm... yeah, but i really don't want to buy something online for a price so low (and i don't really like amazon XD it's just a personal feeling)... plus i would like to make them with the shapes that i prefer, maybe something really simple and essential, but at least i craft them with my own hands ^^
Thanks anyway for the link :)