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Compaq V2000 60gb laptop Screen is broken. ...Like to save the parts..Can I use the 60gb harddrive? and other parts? Answered

Compaq widescreen V2000 60gb HD.  500mb ram... The widescreen is broken...Can I get another screen really cheap?...Can I use this drive in a seperate case of it's own ( how much is case)...I have another Compaq widescreen I use...It's a 80Gb thou...I would like to save the parts if they are  good to use . Maybe make  something usefull.....I'm not really computer savy...But I try do stuff on my own...I have lots of time ,as I am retired....Thks...John

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JimFlo (author)2010-01-14

If it is just the screen, you can dig up a small screen, add touch (several instructables) and put the thing in your car as carputer/entertainment/music machine. Most laptops will run on the cars 12vdc with a little encouragement. Load the files with wireless while sitting  in your driveway...
Find two or three semi-dead laptops, a little case modding, best parts of each and multiple hard drives and have a reallly good carputer, custom entertainment  server, ....
Almost anything can be reused for something, thats the whole point of instructables...Trade the parts to someone else for stuff you need now?

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Joe Martin (author)2010-01-14

If it's only the screen that broke you could use it as a headless laptop, plug in an external display and you've got a compact desktop-ish

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MahavishnuMan (author)2010-01-14

You can reuse the hard drive, provided you either use it in another laptop or have some way of converting the mini IDE connector on the back.  Newer SATA hard drives are universal.

The RAM may be reusable, but it can only be used in a machine that accepts that exact type and speed of RAM.  Given its age, that may be difficult - although possibly the other Compaq would use it (you would have to check the specs).  Don't just plug it in and see if it works though.

The CD/DVD drive may be recycled too - again, provided you have a method of converting the mini IDE connector.  It probably wouldn't work in another laptop though, since the size and shape of those drives aren't exactly universal.

Fans can be salvaged, perhaps the heatsinks if you have a use for them.  Anything else you would have to remove from the motherboard by desoldering, and that's only worth it if you actually mess with components.  If so, there are a ton of capacitors, toroids, and voltage regulators.

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Burf (author)2010-01-14

Yeah, basically anything that isn't broken can be re-used. Components like the HDD, CD/DVD drives, RAM etc. are all worth salvaging.
Before that though, you should check eBay, you may find someone who is trying to sell the screen you need. I've seen them go for less than $10.

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