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Compaq and HP laptop power cord compatibility? Answered

The plug for my HP laptop's AC/DC adapter has a loose connection, so I am using my old Compaq adapter.  All the specs are the same; 65w, 18.5v, and 3.5a, except for the input amps, 1.7 on one and 1.6 on the other (probably just because of efficiency).   The plugs are the same.  I just wanted to double check.  Is it okay to use the Compaq(actually says HP on it) instead of the HP one?

Thanks in advance!


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BurfBest Answer (author)2010-09-26

Those specs are close enough it shouldn't cause any problems.

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JaredsProjects (author)Burf2010-09-26

That's what I thought. Thanks. AI

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