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Compaq sd card reader not working? Answered

Hi, I have a Compaq Presario V2000, and I just formatted it.  After the format, my Dad downloaded the drivers for the SD card reader, the WIFI, and other stuff,  but the SD card reader it not working.  When I put an SD card into it, the light lights up, but under My Coputer, there is no card.  Any help would be great.  Thanks in advance.


I fixed it! or, rather, joespicnictables fixed it! :P thanks for the help. :D

Why did you "format" the machine?
Does it recognise the card reader as diskless drives, or none at all?
(the light just says that it's powered-up)


i formatted the machine because it is a second hand machine. none at all.

"None at all" says the necessary drivers and such haven't been installed (properly).
Formatting is a bit extreme, avoid doing it.



6 years ago

Another possibility is that the reader has gone bad, they sometimes do.
Go to your device manager and see what the status of the reader is (and if its even listed)
I am going to assume you know where to find the device manager.
If there are any non working hardware components they will have either a red X next to them or a yellow ! in a circle. If you didn't get the right drivers this is where it will show it. Click on the flagged items and reinstall the drivers. Then test it.
If everything looks good but it is still not working , find the card reader in the device manager and uninstall it. Reboot and let the system find it an put the drivers back in. If this doesn't fix it or if it doesn't show up at all then the reader is probably bad.

The card reader is not yellow or red, when I click on it, it describes what it is ( or the name of it or something)

To get to the device manager, RIGHT click on my computer and go to properties which is usually at the bottom.
In the system properties box that opens up, click the hardware tab.
In the hardware box click the device manager bar/button.
The device manager box gives you a list of all the hardware devices in your computer. Click the plus to get to the details of any item.
Usually the card readers are listed in the Universal Serial Bus Controllers as mass storage devices. They can also be listed in the Disk Drives section.
"Generic USB SD Reader USB Device"
Right click and go to the properties so you can get the box for that individual device.
There is a troubleshooting button. Under the drives tab you can uninstall the drivers.

Remember how to get to this place. The device manager is your basic starting place for hardware problems.

Some SD cards have a slot in them for placing a "MINI sd" card into it. If you are trying to read an SD card that does not have the MINI-card inserted, then it will not read. I have a few of these around and sometimes use the MINI cards in my sansa player but have to plug them into the SD adaptor card if i want to plug the MINI-sd into the computer.

It could be the SD card. Some of them have lock switches on the side. Try switching it or checking if it's not fully engaged. Also, try the SD on some other device. It could be that it has corrupted. I've had that happen to me a few times and it doesn't register on My Computer.