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Competitor Rival III AMR Contest gun Answered

Alright, since my orangeboard has decided to revolt against me posting pictures on it I will post them here. Unlike the Springbreaker, this gun is fully functional and working perfectly. The Competitor Rival III is an Adaptive Magazine Rifle meaning you can shoot more types of ammunition with one gun. I made it so magazine well is adjustible so it can shoot sizes ranged from gray connectors to yellow rods. I have pictures here of it's blue rod magazine and it's yellow rod magazine.

Why do I have pictures here you may ask. Well, I haven't built a rifle since, hmmmm....., Springbreaker? Anyway I want to know what you think of it and if it really does look as good as I think it does. Also how to take better take pictures of it (I'm so use to making handguns and submachine gun sized guns!). What angles should I try, so it shows off the most detail because as you can see it was kinda hard.

Anyway thanks for looking and commenting, this will be posted in the contest with Competitor III so good luck!

V2 Pics Posted after the guy and ball gif


Soon, In time for people to vote for it in the contest. I can't rely on Thunderbolt to pull me through so this is Plan B and Zip is Plan C.

Now the idea of having a gun that is adaptable to many different mag sizes is sooooooooooo BOSS! Love that idea, and I think I might try it myself. With that being said, let us talk about the gun, about good angles, and about the name.

So first lets talk about the gun. I know this is something I tell people all the time, but I guess I'll reiterate it. Clean it up. So far, the gun looks good. It has a nice length, is fairly clean, and has great potential, but what it is missing is design. This gun has a lot of ruff edges. For example, the mag well needs white rods on the ends to give it a more finished look. The stock is at the same level as all the other parts of the gun (this is purely a personal preference. I like all my stocks to be much lower than the chamber of the actual gun.) You don't have to agree with me, but that is just my opinion. I would also say you should shorten the barrel. If you want it to be K'NEX-war-worthy you might want to go with a shorter barrel. Lastly, I would say that you should some good amount of time on sight options. Sights (that look epic) always are appreciated by the K'NEXers on 'ibles.

Next lets talk about good angles. My personal preference is to go with a different angle than what you went with on your last 'ible. For example, if one was to post an 'ible with a first image being what I call a barrel shot (looking at the gun from an angle that the barrel is the first thing you see, as it appears to be closest to you on the picture), they should go with something different on their next 'ible. See this link for my favorite views.

Lastly, I want to talk to you about your name. Since you like the name Competitor (and I think it fits your guns nicely) I would call this gun either the: "Competitor LSW (Light Support Weapon" or "Competitor LMG (Light Machine Gun)." I think that, according to the size of this gun, you might want to go with one of those.

I know this is a colossal comment (I should win "Colossal Comment of the Year Award"), and I am sorry for making you read all of that. BTW, the pictures below are of a LSW I am going to post (with a full 'ible) after the contest starts (sorry about the bad pics, I could give you better ones, but I am too lazy).


Just a fun little comment: if I posted pictures of this thing with a scope on it I'm not sure if you would laugh because it's hilariously dumb looking or cry becuase it makes the gun look horrible.

Alright that was a long comment, but you broke it up well so it wasn't to bad. First thing that comes to mind about your advice is the name. I do realize that this is a very repititive thing for me to name my guns Competitor, and like all competitors before it doesen't use a single broken piece, (I used one just for self assurance) anyway I am trying to think of a better name but I think calling it a machine gun would be a bit of a stretch. I know you don't know it's performance but it doesen't have the best rate of fire, more range than rate.

Thanks for the view advice, I will deffinitly try that and hopefully it'll show enough detail so that it won't bother me too much.

I will begin doing you're first suggestion and clean it up a bit, might post some new pics for you to see if I did it right. I'm also quite glad to give you a new idea. I acctually thought of this gun because of the Z35 (I know you hate it) except I thought instead of single sniper rounds why not clip load them?

Anyway this was a fun build so far and thanks for the sites longest comment. =D I might have given a somewhat equally long reply. Your LSW is turning out really nice! Good luck with the ible and thanks for the input!

If you don't like to call your gun a LMG, then call it a LSW. I think that calling it a Competitor Rival III is kinda to...well... redundant. I really do urge that you call this thing an LSW, because it kinda is a Light Support Weapon. Its a gun that I would leave in a hall way, or in a base, if the "enemy" was attacking.

You are welcome to what little help I gave you. I really don't think it was much help at all, mostly just me shooting out my opinions at you. =D

I don't hate the Z35...? I think that that gun is outdated, but I don't hate it. The Z35 was the gun that: 1) Made me want to become a better builder, and 2) Made me want to make videos for my guns.

I am glad you think my LSW looks nice, and you are welcome for the input. Happy building bro!

I would say the update definitely makes it look cleaner. Are you really stuck on that name?

Well I'm glad it looks cleaner. I'm not stuck on the name though, more of thinking about it. It's a rifle and all my competitors have been, well, small. I'm still thinking about what to call it. LSW sounds good, but I don't think it describes the gun's featured concept the way I want it to. I did improve my scope so I'm happy with that. I'll post it tommorrow for sure!(Need to stop procrastinating...-.-)

When you decide to try to make a gun with the adjustible magazine well idea, I would suggest moving the mag slide away from the barrel. They tend to come together and create friction.

Yup, no problem. Well, I am not saying that the name is lame (XD, that rimes), I am just saying that I would suggest that you keep an open mind. Even if you don't call it an LSW, you might want to categorize it as such, as I truly do see guns of this size and caliber as Light Support Weapons.

Thanks for the advice, I'll be sure to keep it in mind when/if I ever build a guns like this. =D

The gun and concept look cool very creative!

Cool! Can't wait to see how its made! It's a great concept!

Maybe you could take a picture of the sights, how to hold it, hand on trigger, ect. Also get an angle of each side, along with a diagonal pic, like Red here. | Good job so far! Its very Yako! V

Wow that didn't work... The "|" and the "V" were supposed to form an arrow.

Hey nerfrocketeer,
Just wanted to let you know after I make this gun. I will attempt to make the sniper rifle you wanted. What I'm going try to do is make my own version of Bolt Action. Overall: It'll be cool and my first attempt at a replica gun without help from another ible' since the QCW-05, and it will be better.

Just thought I would let you know,

I know the comment box kind of condenses added lines so some stuff doesen't work. Glad you like it though! It was big project and pretty difficult to make how I wanted, but so far so good.