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Competitor's lost touch? Answered

So I've known this for awhile and to be honest it doesn't bother me to badly but my Zip series is much more popular than my Competitor series. The first Zip has more views than my first Competitor which has been out for months, but I do realize the philosophy out with the old, in with the new so I could see the original Competitor collecting dust, after all, it doesn't even have a mag lock! Anyway the main reason I'm starting this forum topic is to find out what you like about the Zip series. Has it been the concepts I have been applying in each pump action model? Was it the styling, which was more spontaneous and sci-fi? Maybe it was a hidden preference for the ergonomics of pump action. The truth is, I don't know and I want you knexer's to tell me what you like or dislike about my Zips and Competitors. Using this information I will be able to build a better Competitor or maybe just refocus on building Zip4.


Okay today someone built competitor I and i'm glad they did, but it never ceases to amaze me that version one has had more builders than all the competitors combined!

Its got to be the piece count.

Before I begin, I must admit to the fact that I have never build any of the Zip or Competitor series, so any and all of the opinions expressed within this comment are purely from observation, and many of them will be personal preference. In essence, just ignore me. =D

Starting off with an overview, I must say one thing, you (JonnyBGood) have advanced a lot of cool and new things in your K'NEX-gun-building career. Everything from your P90 horizontal magazine to your latest build Zip3, they are all cool. While you and I build in entirely different ways, there is still much I can (should) learn from you.

Next, I want you to know that I am going to be brutally honest with you, and I believe that this is what you want. When it comes to your Competitor series, I must admit, I have never been a very big fan, namely because they tend to be ugly (again, this is only my personal opinion) and a tad bit simple. My favorite Competitor would have to be Competitor III Bullpup Edition. I have always been a HUGE fan of Bullpups (even though I am not good at them myself), and yours is one of my favorites! But like I said, the Competitors tend to be a tad bit simple (and I am no one to judge, as I usually build simple-pin guns), and maybe just a bit ugly. Again, this is just my opinion. Ignore me. =D

When it comes to your Zip series, however, I am a fan. I have never been able to pull off a pump-action (and to be fair, I have never even tried), so you accomplishing three different versions is pretty boss to me. I myself personally prefer your latest model (Zip3), but one thing you might want to work on is the pump itself. The handle/the area where you grip the pump looks really uncomfortable. Again, I am not talking from personal experience, just from observation. You also might want to take-a-hint from builders like Senior Waffelman and Blue Mullet and spend a little bit more time on making your guns pleasing to the eye. Just personal preference.

I hope I did not come across rude, and if I did, again, just ignore me.

-The Red Book of Westmarch

Well thanks for commenting and no offence taken. You are very right. Competitors are straight forward simple pin guns originally designed for not using broken pieces and being small. Zips are my concepts and always pump action and realistically I have more skills now then when competitor started. So my ideas I'm getting from your advice: innovate the Competitors, check out some new pumps, and keep the new ideas coming because that's what my best guns are made by.

You are very welcome, anything to help out a fellow K'NEXer. I am glad you are willing to learn, and every one of your builds gets better and better. Good luck!

Thanks! Funny thing is that I would say I learned most of my styling cues from you. Granted you may not see them but your feedback in the past has had a lot to do with my style now.

Hey Red,

You should try build any Zip. It performs quite well and I guess you will definitely love it. And, if you were going for it, go for either Zip2 or Zip3. They are much better versions.

Now, to start off with, I have built all the Competitors that you have posted, Zip and Zip2.

Now, the way Competitor looks is not that good, but it does work good. I am not a big fan of connector shooting guns, mostly because I have a ton of rods. Being a pistol and quite small, I feel a bit uncomfy holding this (and I'm just 14, how do you hold it? :P) So, I would not rather use this gun in a war.

Again, Both the Zips were very awesome and I simply love them. They are just the perfect size and work extremely well. If I had enough K'nex, I would actually take Zip2 as a primary and Zip as a secondary to a war. But, I can build only one. And I am a bit biased because the Zip series uses rods.

Overall, I guess that Zip wins. Keep the Zip series up! On the contrary, don't stop the Competitor series either! People with less pieces can build it and it can be built by beginners too! If I were to suggest you something, it would be to reduce the piece count on the Zip series. I can't even build Zip3!

Well, that was my opinion, don't take it on the heart if I said something rude.

First off thanks for the input! It's not rude it's what I want to know. I also like the explanation of the zip's and I will deffinitly have a lower piece count on Zip4.

Er... yes? No?

Yeah I know, provably confusing for people outside the knex community...