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Compute the force required punch a 1.25-inch diameter hole through a 1/2 inch boilerplate. The shear stress is 42000 psi Answered




.  I come up with 2.0347 kN. I'm guessing we rounded differently.

Or perhaps because I converted to mm first?

You Brits and your logical, rational metric system. Pshaw! Personally, I measure everything in furlongs and stone.

1 firkin = 0.0001693544997216257 cubic furlong. See how simple that is?

What happens when you mix a man with too much time on his hands, a conversion table and a calculator?

You get a guy who could potentially hit the broad side of Mars with a probe, even if the original figures were metric. Just sayin'.

Ok, the question should have read: A man with a giant brain and too much time on his hands.

I'll say it, "Chuck Norris could punch it with his little finger".

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Not paying attention in class, hm?