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Computer CD drive into a walkman Answered

hey everyone this is my first post(i never realized there was a forum untill now). Heres the idea: ive got a bag of computer parts and among them is an old cd drive. its got a volume control and a headphone jack built into it. my idea is to put a rechargeable battery on it, turning it into the nerdiest walkman in history. my knowledge of computers is only slightly above basic so i was wondering how i can get it to play and switch to different songs. can i do this by making connections on the ribbon cable port, or is this whole project totally absurd?


Yes! You would need a 12 volt rechargeable battery. 10 NiMH cells (AA?) might be good. Then you could probably tap the lower 4 cells to get 5 volts without a regulator. The wires from a power supply are... red +5 black GND black GND yellow +12

thanks. i was having alittle trouble with that. i stupidly assumed that the drive didnt use the 12 volt supply so i was trying to run it off 3 AA's. Ive got some enourmous 12 volt rechargables lying around. i havent had any use for em lately.

Take the front cover off (likely snaps off) and look at the PCB inside on the front leading edge... You're likely to find something that says "play" or something that looks like the play arrow symbol ;) Right around that symbol should be two contacts - short them and that should make it begin playing ;)

It may, or may not be near the eject button. And the eject button may, or may not be the stop button :p

You can power the thing with an LM7805 and a 7812. It will not be efficient, but cheap/easy. I had aspirations to do this very thing, but other projects pushed it aside, it would be cool to see it done though :p

after alittle emploration inside the case i found a hidden play/next song button. seems stange that they didnt make a place for it on the front cover. so all i need to do is get a batter pack on there. maybe ill give it a cool paint job lol. as far as skipping goes i shook the thing up and it doesnt skip at all. it seems to be a better cd player than some off-brand walkmans I've bought lol.

Yep. I had a CD drive as CD player for some time. I got an CD drive that had a play, stop, forward etc. button. Since these are realy cheap at ebay or fleamarkets (could even be a single or double "speed" drive ;-) ) its probably more convinient then soldering one. All you need is a power supply really ;) But you should be aware that this CD-Walkman will have no Skip/Jitter/Movement buffer at all, so it will be most likely not suitable for walking. Also, you should get a cd drive that has a tray where you have to push the cd onto instead of a slot-in or tray sledge.