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Computer makes annoying fan sound and suddenly crashes while playing games, why? Answered

Apperantly I have got many issues with my pc. first the ram, now i've got blue screens
about my pc 'failing' at recover from a driver or something.. I decided to clean up my pc
From dust ( Graphic card & my computer fan) we screwed the graphic card apart to clean.

When we were done, my pc began making a weird and annoying noise ( a mini chainsaw?) 
I tried to run CS:GO (game) and the annoying sound got louder. Suddenly my pc just went black screen
And turned off without warning.

What could have caused the problem??


Ok. So my pc works fine now, after i changed the graphics card with an old one i had. It works perfectly (still some noise tho), but it is better than before. When we screwed the Graphic card apart, my dad removed some grey, oil like thingy away. I don't know much about this stuff, but my dad thought it was some dust and cleaned it. Could that be the problem, that my dad removes the thermal paste?

That is exactly your problem!  That 'grey, oil like thingy' is the thermal paste.  You need to replace it with new.

Here is a link that describes the reason for using thermal paste, and why your gpu is overheating.

Here is a picture that shows how much paste to apply.  That little grey dot in the middle is all you need to apply.

Do not use the card until you replace the thermal paste!  Heat WILL damage the chip if it hasn't already.

Thank you very much for the reply and help!
Someday my father and me might get that thermal paste :D.


If the PC is failing from recovering a driver then the HDD may have some corrupted sectors on it. If you suspect the RAM then Get your sell a copy of the Ultimate Boot CD and run a HDD check and run Memtest to test the RAM.

Others have already given you what you need to stop the fan noise and any overheating issues you may have created after cleaning out your case. 

Just in case everyone else didn't make it clear, you're overheating something, most likely your CPU. I would recommend re-pasting both the GPU and the CPU following Willard2.0's instructions. Also, install some extra fans, your case probably has a couple extra spots.

"From dust ( Graphic card & my computer fan) we screwed the graphic card apart to clean."

It sounds like you removed the heatsink from the GPU chip.  If so, you need to remove ALL traces of the old thermal compound from the heatsink and chip with rubbing alcohol and a lint free rag.  Once you have cleaned it off, replace it with new.  I recommend using high quality thermal paste, not the cheapest.  Just apply a pea sized drop to the middle of the GPU and bolt the heatsink back on.  Remember, with thermal paste, less is more

This video explains it very well.  https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=fRRWbQUqW1Y

In future, compressed air is enough to clean the heatsink of dust.


5 years ago

Any way you are describing a thermal safety shutdown..

A graphic twitch game uses the CPU Hard and heats it high enough
that the software tries to speed up the fan...
The fan turns faster and either starts to stall or goes turbulent air flow
but the CPU heat keeps rising.
The last safety  the Sadw  Software has left is turn off_game.

Of course the Fan bearings could be shot and actually reduce air flow
causing CPU heat.    Does your core processor have to die before you
replace the Fan with a GOOD one.:-)



5 years ago

And, in addition to what the others have said, leave the side of the case open and listen for which fan is the problem. You should be able to tell with no problem.

If you happen to remove any of the heatsinks such as the one on the processor you MUST put on new thermal compound when you put it back in place. If you didn't then it is no longer transferring heat from the chip correctly. Even just a tiny gap or bubble will allow that spot on the chip to overheat.

I would think about replacing any worn out fans. Ones with bearings that are rumbling are on their last breath. Replace them before they die completely.

Looks like you might have caught something in the fan (making the chainsaw noise). This might have locked or slowed the fan, and while you were gaming the processor (either the GPU or CPU depending where the fan is), overheated and shut your system down.

I would not recommend using the system anymore until you have taken it apart again and see if something is caught in the fan blades.

Absolutely plus one. Fix the fan and give the computer a good cleaning.