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Computer question?--Solved-- Answered

I was cleaning up my computer the other day. In My Programs there was a folder called Common Files. When I opened it it had a lot of the same things under my programs and was very big in size. should I delete it? I don't want to hurt any programs that may rely on it. Another question, when I start up my computer it takes forever! (about 20 min.) but thats if I don't go into the process tab and end a few things. I know Doscan.exe hogs up a lot and I've been through the msconfig stuff. Yahoo messenger always starts up even though I have it un-checked for startup. I had some really bad trojans a while back and never reformatted. I took the offensive and got rid of them but I think they left a lot of "leftovers" in the registry and system folders. I also think thats whats making the startup slow. All of those viruses trying to launch but cant because their main files arent there. Of course once its up its speedy it sometimes takes a while to load things but once they're up they work flawlessly. Anybody know how to help? Please? --I guess my problem was not having enough RAM. And last night one of my friends gave me a gig and a new video card. Now it runs a whole lot better and the start up only takes about a tenth of the time it used to. Thanks to everyone who gave me some tips on what to do! Thanks, Rockerx


Have you tried a simple defrag and error check of your disk? You'll find in in the tool under the properties tab of your hard drive. I would empty the recycle folder first and then defrag. Are you running low on disk space? It may be time to start fresh if you can-that means you have all the software to reload your machine. Good luck.

I've done a defrag. It didn't really do much. Error checking I've never done but I can, I'll let you know. I very organized on the computer(I wish in real life :) ) I have plenty of disk space. Oh well, like you said it may be time to reformat. I think windows has just been insanely bloated from all of the viruses earlier. Thanks for the tips though.

Did you use XP's defrag ? .....if so, it is very, um, conservative...really.

almost any other working Degrag program does better then the MS one :-)

and I ran a couple of other cleaners

I can tell you what your problem is and the only prescription is more RAM! You only got like 256 mb of ram

Yup, I'm getting up to a gig tonight. I'll tell ya if it makes it better.

Wow, that just solved my problems with starting up. 1 gig definitely helps!

Well, like you said above, I think it's time to format and reinstall. I mean, yeah, you might be able to find the problem. But it's always fun to reinstall XP and start off with a fresh install. Keep everything clean, run Avira Antivir and do some other things mentioned here on my crappy website. But, that's just my two cents.

Cool Website ! i like the user bars!

Thanks! I haven't really told anyone about it yet until I get more stuff on it.

You need yourself a domain. Get a .co.nr or something.

Download and run CCleaner. It wins.

Time for RAM it is then. Do a defrag as well.

Yeah, so does PC Decrapifier, but it's more or less for when you buy new computers.

. ZIP or move the folder somewhere else and reboot. Run all your programs. If nothing bad happens, delete the ZIP or folder. . I'm with caitlinsdad - it's probably time to start from scratch. That way you know you are malware free.

I never thought of that.. I'll give it a go. As of malware I know I don't have any.