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My PC's splash screen shows the shop name from where I bought my PC. How can i Remove this? I attached screenshot to make it easy to understand my question. Please Help…



HP computers have the option of adding System IDs to their desktops and laptops. You usually find the option under Security >> System IDs in the BIOS. I believe the line of text you are referencing is the 'Ownership Tag', change this and it should remove it.

There are tutorials and tools available to change the bios image.
You can't just replace a line, you need to change it all.

That's' the BIOS splash screen.

And it looks like HP motherboard.

So follow the steps of this link in order to Disable your BIOS splash screen.

Hope this helps :)

Thanx Bro, you increase my knowledge about BIOS but i am not completely satisfied.

I mean, i don't want to disable BIOS splash screen but i just want to remove that line which i highlighted with RED line in the image.



I hate to admit this but, that's all I know about changing BIOS splash screen.


You'll have to reverse engineer and change your BIOS to change that - why does it matter anyway (unless it's stolen, in which case you should just return it).