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Computers at/near the sea? Answered

I am living 100 meters from the sea which results in high humidity from time to time. Got the message this morning: CPU fan has failed. Discovered  a lot of moisture inside my pc and the dust in the fan has become muddy. We had a lot of rain and mist of late.  What does the people on ships do? And others who live this close to the sea? I would really appreciate ideas on what to do to prevent that from happening again.



Best Answer 8 years ago

As others mention, its not a humidity issue as it is a condensation issue:

A computer part below the dew point will get condensation on it - it either has to stay warm, or be in a dehumidified environment.

Computers LIKE 50%++ humidity (non condensing) because it cuts down on static electricity.

You need good air filtration to keep the inside of the computer clean-ish also to give less stuff to gunk up if you do get a condensation spike...

Drop into BIOS on startup: do you have smart fan-control? If you can get the CPU fan to kick-in at e.g. 40o you may fix this that easily.



8 years ago

Interesting. The only thing I can think of is that you are leaving the computer in a cold place after you shut it down and the hardware inside gets cool enough to permit condensation.
Try storing it in an area that stays reasonably warm all the time and don't leave it inside your car overnight.