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Condensed News Answered


If anyone is interested, here's my shared items page from my RSS reader:
Theres an RSS feed on that page too.

Before you go all "What's the point of this!?" on me -- let me explain.

I go through about 400 items a day. This is the condensed version. I share 2 things mostly: Things that are funny/ironic -- and things that are interesting. Its a pretty even mix. My feeds include:
Make, Lifehacker, Gizmondo, Engadget, Consumerist, Slashdot, WorseThanFailure
Instructables & digg

Theres a few others, but they aren't good often. I'll gladly add any other feed that you want.

I've only been doing this for a few days -- I need to get used to hitting "share". Anything I view, I share. Theres some things that I really don't care about --but others might -- that I'll also share.

Hopefully, this can help some people shave time off their news-reading. Let me know if theres some other source I should read!

(This post sponsored by Kiteman's Zeroth Law)


HAHAHAHA.. I subscribed to the feed, but then found that it would seem i read the same blogs as you get these from (Digg, engadget etc..) :-)

Surely the condensed news is ns?

That aside, I have never, ever used an "RSS feed". Ever. It sounds like something you pump into the production line of a pig-food factory.

Here are two really dumb questions:

  • What exactly is an RSS feed?
  • How do I work one?
Hehe -- the second question is *really* funny to me :P

Just for you, in plain english :-) (Third Law!)

I need to set you up with a set of images like that... 95% is good, though :D

Gosh. It's that easy?

Well, I now have an RSS reader account. Thankyou.

(BTW, I have "use of English" as my first law. This post full fills my third law)

It was Third law in the ZKM... And this is the First AND Second ZKM law! Gosh I'm good!

Well, you've sold me. Got me a shiny new reader account!

(I'll make you work, you conspiracy-abetting rat!)

Just a note:
Its hardly news... its more of just odd collections of things :P
I try to mark anything that seems like real news... but I don't care about politics enough... and good news is hard to come by :P