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Conductive Fabric, Bloody Heart, Origami Roses... Answered

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Feb. 21, 2008

Welcome back!

The Share the Love: Valentine's Day Speed Contest ends this Sunday, so get your romantic Instructables up this weekend!

The winners of the Get the LED Out! Speed Contest have been announced. See who won here!

Check out these cool instructables!

Conductive Fabric: Make Flexible Circuits Using An Inkjet Printer
Easily turn out flexible circuits to create some funky projects.
posted bymikey77on Feb 14, 2008
Remote shutter trigger for digital cameras
Make a remote shutter release for your Canon digital camera (and some other brands) for about three bucks in under five minutes.
posted bydeth2allon Feb 20, 2007
How To Shave Without Getting Razor Bumps
Here's how to avoid those little ingrown hairs known as razor bumps.
posted bySteamKiton Feb 18, 2008
A better laptop stand for bed
Make a simple but incredibly useful Laptop Stand for around $15 and 30-60 minutes! Great for use in bed while typing, browsing, and watching movies.
posted byjumpfroggyon Feb 13, 2008
Simulated wood grain for metal boxes
Prepare a metal box using a buffing technique that can simulate wood grain, birdseye or other finishes for a sleek look.
posted byamz-fxon Feb 15, 2008