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Connect a DC plug to a Timer? Answered

I have 2 strands of led lights that go up a Flagpole on my rv, I am trying to figure out how to connect a timer through the DC Plug

Thanks in advance



Build your own timer with a micro controller or buy a DC timer.

That's not a very helpful answer. DC timers are very expensive and hard to find compared to AC timers. Can you provide links to DC timer plans? What does Arduino have to offer?

I found a CN101A DC digital timer in china for under $10.00 and was able to wire it exactly to my specs.

Thanks for the info.


My son actually bought this device and gave up trying to understand the instructions which were written in very poor English.

I went to the website where they are selling it for $7.90. Not sure what the shipping to the US is.

It's not clear from their description what the purpose of the timer is because it seems like it has a 220 volt output. What I am looking for is a timer that will send DC current from a 12 volt deep cycle battery to 12 volt DC LED lights. There is no AC current involved. Will this device do that?