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Connect wires without a solder iron! Answered

hey guys I haven't created an instructable yet, but I know how to connect wires without soldering.  Its simple and I am thinking of making an instructable about it.  all you need is aluminum foil and eletrical tape. simply connect the wires and tightly wrap them together in aluminum foil. then put eletrical tape around it and there you have it. any ametures(ignore my spelling) like me that dont have a soldering iron can do this.  although it is limited, it is easier than soldering. ill eventually try to make an instructable though.


Loose tinfoil around two wires isn't actually that good of an idea.... I don't care how tight you think you got it wrapped. If you have strong fingers thats all you should need, just twist them bad boys together.

Check out my instructable on tape uses, twisting the wires properly with pliers or just carefully with your hands puts them together with a good connection and then taping over to prevent shorts is better than relying on tin foil and them staying in the right place...

It's not a very effective form of connecting wires (I used to do it when I didn't have a soldering iron, many....................many years ago). I suggest using wire glue if you don't want to solder. If you ever want to create serious, smaller devices, you should definitely pick up a soldering iron. They're cheap, they're fun, and they're a great learning tool.