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Connecting/combining left and right audio channels together? Answered


I have something that can only take one channel but I am wondering if I can just connect the red and blue wires together in a audio cable so it will combine these both left and right channels into a single mono source (from the amplifiers point of view).

Will this cause any problems with the audio source (phone) having both channels connected together like this? Will it damage the phone or anything like that?

The main reason for doing this is the source (the phone) is stereo and some songs will have parts that are only present on one channel, which means that if it is not on the channel that is connected to my homemade lm386 based amplifier you wont here that part.


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WWCBest Answer (author)2012-11-04

 I suppose you could hook them together with no problem or you could use a simple circuit like this.

 It's a mono to stereo or stereo to mono splitter.

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Alex1M6 (author)WWC2012-11-09

Thanks. My main reason for wanting to do this is becuase the audio output on many phones don't really have much power behind them so I was wanting to use both channels with a lower volume setting, rather than a single channel doing all the work on a higher volume setting.

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tylervitale (author)WWC2012-11-05

To be honest, I always just hooked the positive right signal to the positive left, and that was that.
I don't question you, but is there any reason why it should be done like this?

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WWC (author)tylervitale2012-11-05

You can hook it up how ever you wish.
Your way will work.

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