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Constant logout despite 'stay logged in' flag Answered

I've found in the last 2 days my account keeps logging off after a short period of time, if I just navigate away from the page even.

It's on multiple computers, one xp IE something, and this one, Laptop Win7 64 home prem with firefox

No settings have been changed on either machine recently.  Not a cookie or session problem, as other websites are staying logged in.


Edit:  Fixed


What a relief: Thanks a lot.


7 years ago

This is (now) a known bug, and should be fixed in the next release!

I have a dream...that someday we'll be able to stay logged in!

I have a dream that on the orange forums of I'bles, K'nexers and regulars will be able to sit together at the table of brotherhood.

They can, so long as they all make quality featurable ibles.

You're Canadian, aren't you? Check Wikipedia to see what significance today (17 Jan 2011) has in the U.S. :-D

Thanks for the reply canida! Really appreciate it!

YAY! YAHOO! WHOOPIE! Please pass on the thanks of a grateful nation (or some tiny fraction thereof) to Rachel.

I'm having the same issue. It doesn't matter which browser I use be it Seamonkey, Firefox, Chrome, Kmeleon, or Safari.

Who has five different browsers installed??

Someone who writes code and needs to check compatibility across multiple platforms.

It helps detect bugs and possible site issues....like THIS one.

Ummm....I think Hoopajoo does.


I've always had this problem with IE on Vista, and have recently had problems with it in Safari on 10.5.

.  I haven't noticed it happening while I'm browsing Ibles (maybe I just haven't noticed), but every time I close Firefox (WinXP) and restart, I have to login again.

Same with me, I'm on safari.


7 years ago

Same here. Firefox. See also my bug report further down the page, "Login bug".

Same problem, can't stay logged in. Firefox and IE