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Contest Answered

I live in Pakistan and I want to participate in the LED contest. I dont have any one in USA who can proxy me.
This contest should be open for all those who have interest and are handy men.
I have a very good project on LEDs
If I am allowed I can upload my LED project
I hope my request will be considered
Thank you


What kiteman said...

Instructables staff do make a lot of effort to expanding the list of countries that can participate fully in contests but it will always come down to state and local laws of your location.

Just out of curiosity, what kind of law would omit a country or area?

Anybody can enter the contest, no matter where they live.

Your location only becomes an issue if you win a prize.

The person who is a proxy for you does not have to be in the USA, they can be from any of the eligible countries;

Canada (except for Quebec), UK, Australia, Belgium, China, The Netherlands (Holland), Colombia, Denmark, Germany, India, Norway, Switzerland.

Have you no contacts, or friends with contacts, in any of those countries?

I am thankful to your encouraging reply.
I have few friends in other countries which are in the list.