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Contest Booty? Answered

Hi. I was awarded a 1st place prize in the Digital Days Photo contest and I received a tee shirt, patches and stickers but have not received any information about signing up for the photography workshop. There is a workshop coming to San Jose in March and I would like to lock that in. Am I missing something?


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unklstuart (author)2010-02-24
After no response from the Digital Days company, I wrote the following letter to Popular Photography.

Hello Popular Photography,
Both Instructables.com and I have been trying to contact the Digital Days people regarding a contest they sponsored last year in which I was awarded a weekend workshop in a photo contest but, after several attempts to ddinfo@bonniercorp.com, we have received no response.

If this was legitimate, there is a workshop near me coming up shortly in March, but I have not been able to obtain any confirmation.

I appeal to you as Digital Days is associated with Popular Photography. Can you help?

The contest I refer to is on this web site:
 Thank you for your help.
 Stuart Nafey

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Creativeman (author)2010-01-26

I, too, won that prize...I have tried three times to contact someone, but the messages go unanswered.  Maybe you will have better luck....Cman

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unklstuart (author)Creativeman2010-02-15

They seem to be having trouble getting a reply from the Digital Days people so, today, I wrote to them directly. The March 13 date for San Jose is coming up pretty quick.

Here is the web site and contact info. I'll let you know if anything develops.


Contact page:

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Doctor What (author)2010-01-20

 Try PMing noahw.  He's quite good with these things.

Sometimes, forums go overlooked by those who they are meant for.  You have to go straight to the source.

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