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Contest Deadline Answered

Is there any way to ask iRobot for more time to work on the robot? I got the robot on July 26th. I ordered extra parts from iRobot; a light sensor and the breakout board, and both items are on backorder for several weeks. The contest ends August 31st. The timelines set by iRobot are not realistic, especially if they can't supply supporting parts for the robot. What can be done to mitigate the short timelines?


You might oughta get a light sensor and other parts froma different source . . . try the mynd control board and the a light sensor from radioshack?

The deadline was actually set by the iBle team.

Really? One of the squid labs said something, I guess it was just his/her wording that made me think that. It was something like "Since you got them today, we're gonna stick with the original deadline." Oh well.