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Contest Ideas Answered

I think there needs to be a contest about things rising up, like a TV that is hidden at first then with a remote it will rise up and then you can watch. Users will be challenged to use there creativity to think of ways to incorporate this idea.


an app making contest

A Science fiction and/or movie/TV themed contest would be cool.

Bond. James Bond. Batman. Get Smart..

I think it would be cool if there was maybe a greeting card contest... or a paint contest!


4 years ago

How about utilitarian art? I'd like to add quirky or whimsical items to my home that served a purpose more than just looking good. Maybe this is too nebulous but some past Instructables that would fit the definition are:

https://www.instructables.com/id/Light-saber-knitting-needles/ (Assuming you can actually knit with them)

I'd like to see a contest for storage and organization. Shelves, furniture, creative ways of storing things in small spaces, etc.

Something like that is coming! I think it'll be happening beginning of next year - we're working the schedule out now. :D

I think they had one like this partnering with Ikea or something but really good idea

I think a 2X4 challenge would be a good one. You would basically make something out of a single 2X4 from some home store.

And limit the fixing technology to something like cord or zip-ties and duct tape...

I like the ply-wood idea as well. :)

I think I'll buy a few 2X4s and give some projects a shot. :)


5 years ago

Could we entertain the idea of a Hawaiian food contest? With Summer upon us, I'm sure there will be plenty of opportunities for wonderful food and drink entries, not to mention the number of visits to the site for people seeking recipes for Luau treats.

What is "Hawaiian food" like?

Hello Kiteman,

Oh, the things one could do with pineapple (although a Brazilian fruit) coconut, pork, chicken, fish, rice, and, well, even Spam. LOL.

Bamboo Contest. All creations using bamboo.

How about an iphone dock contest? Make the best designed and most reliable iphone dock possible. any material.

This is a good idea but I'm just not sure that its a big enough topic for a contest, like maybe other phone types are included and each category for phone has its own set of prizes or something like that. So then you aren't discluding the users who don't have iPhones.

Yeah we could generalize it to smartphones. That would be great. Or we could do just smartphone accessories.

Handicapped Contest, please. Specifically for me, reduced to being one-handed.

I don't know if instructables would make a contest for only handicapped but maybe one about ways to make life easier and stuff like ramps ect..

That would be great since many helps for handicapped folks would work for children as well. I have located a few in instructables but a whole lot more would be better. Thanks!

Call it "Independent Living", and I think they might go for it;


I think we should have a space technology related contest. Talk about a booming industry with quite a bit of individual innovative potential.

We're actually working on something like this - I can't be more specific at the moment, but keep an eye out! :D

This isn't quite broad enough to build a whole contest around. But it's a creative option for those entering, say, an AV or home theater contest.