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Contest Prize Help Answered

hi there,

once again i need to apologize if this post bothered you. well i am trying to ask why i am still not receive my prize? 
I already asked to other contestants and they already received their prize. I won the first prize on Halloween Draw and Sketch with Sketchbook Contest .. and until today .. i am still receive any news about it. I even don't know if the prize already sent or not .. Like we all know that the contest winner was announced on 31st October 2012 .. I already sent email to instructables service .. they always answered with they still waiting for the prize to come in to HQ .. if they're still waiting .. why other contestants already received their prize?  Maybe it sound simple for some people but just think about it .. until today i am still waiting for more than 2 months without any information about it ... it's totally not good.

I just don't get it .. why they must wait for months until the prize arrive to HQ but the contest is already over and they already announced the winner ?? Why don't they prepare everything before the announcement ?


Gangga Saputra


Hi there! I apologize for your long wait on getting your prize. I've sent you an email.

I hear ya... It can be frustrating waiting for the prizes. It quite possibley could be that you are in indonesia. But that wouldnt stop someone in HQ from letting you know... I have won a few things from here and it is a slow process receiving the prize won.

There are a lot of contests happening all of the time here and a lot of these contests sometimes have dozens of winners. I would just keep sending HQ messages and not rant openly on here. They evn have a phone number you could try to call...

If you are in Indonesia.. that could be the problem because it is not on the list of approved countries to win prizes.. but I would think that they would tell you that right away???

but if it is true .. because i am in indonesia and i am not supposed to enter the contest .. so i think we should give the prize to others who are more qualified ... i think it's fair :D

they suppose to reject my work before judging then right ?? because for entry the contest we must log in and put the data right ?? so why they accept it ?

Did you get a reply from service@instructables.com?

yes and they answered like this
This is an automatic response to your email to service@instructables.com. If your question isn't addressed here, don't worry, a real, live human will help you shortly..."

And another person replying only with they will check and still i have no information about it .. because i asked to other winner .. they already received their prize. I just getting more confuse .. because they said i need to wait because the prize not arrive to HQ and others already got their prizes

yes i always try to ask and reply every answer they gave :D ... maybe every month i will post something here LOL ... let we see .. how long will it take :D 2 or 3 more months i guess :D

It sounds like they may not have received enough prizes beforehand. If your prize hasn't arrived at HQ yet, it might be because they had to order an extra one to fulfil the amount they needed.

If someone wrote back to you saying they'd check on it, and never sent anything else, you should reply to that email and ask them if they've found anything out yet (make sure add service@instructables to the email list).