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Contest entry accepted and then rejected Answered

I recently published an instructable and submitted it to three different contests. The ible got featured an acceptted to all three contests almost immediately. Then tonight I uploaded another picture, deleted a sentence and republished it (all through the android app).
After that I got again three messages that it was received and later on today came three messages that it was rejected...
How can this happen? Different editors, different opinions? Or just a plain mistake?
The instructable in question: https://www.instructables.com/id/Outdoorindoor-kitchen-for-garden-shed/



2 years ago

No answer on my email until now.

In the meantime I tried to reenter into the contests and at least got accepted in the outside contest. No luck so far in the camping food or the summer food and drink contests... :-(

Back in on all three! :-) Thanks!

I would say it is a mistake

try emailing service@instructables.com