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Contest, no recent, popular, or veiws buttons anymore? Answered

Just noticed the way you view contest has changed, so how are they arranged now? I thought they might be by most recent, but they seem to be a bit more random.  Just a question why the change?


I am not a fan. It looks like it's by most recent to me. I like being able to sort the entries in different ways. There are also no finalists on the four contests that closed to voting yesterday. Will the finalists not be revealed until the winners?

It looks cool, but I definitely prefer the old interface. I miss the sorting.

We didn't have the finalists posted when you were looking - they went up only about four hours ago! We were running a bit later today due to all the changes. :)

I still miss the sorting, but am super glad the finalists are posted as usual! Sorry, I got a little paranoid. :)

The new design is really cool, I love it! :D

But yes, maybe some extra sorting button can be useful :)

I hadn't seen that - I like it, though it would be better with three or four thumbnails across the page.