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Contest winner medals Answered

I miss the old contest winner banners at the top of the IBLES.  I realize that there is now a medal at the top right corner of the IBLE next to where the featured medal is.  My question is would it be possible to get the contest winner medal to link to the contest that they won?


I agree - I would love it to click through to the contest! Good idea, I'll pass it on. :)


5 years ago

I like that idea.

General Eisenhower only wore 5 or 6 medals in his official portraits in WWII. After WWII, those portraits show him wearing one row, three medals. Fleet Admiral Ernest J King seems to have portraits with a few more medals. But neither of them are as showy as modern officers Adm MichaelMullen or General Petraerus . I'm with the low glitter guys..

umm .. not quite on topic .. but thanks for the history lesson.

Everytime I see someone with an excessive amount of medals the first thing that comes to mind is that scene from I'm gunna get you sucka

but I digress ...

I was just being lazy and wanting the ability to go straight from the IBLE to the contest that it won( like we used to be able to do) without having to go fishing through the author's profile page and guessing which contest it may have been a winning IBLE for.

Are the examples of wise, brave, strong men ever off-topic ? No, not really.

Oh, that's a good idea!