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Is there a time limit for how long after you publish an instructable, it can be entered into a contest?
(if not, there should be...maybe a year)

Is there a limit to the number of times the same instructable can win a contest?
(if not, then it should be limited to once)


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Wolfgar77 (author)2018-04-10

if you have an older instructable but never entered it into a contest, is it still eligible?

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BrittLiv (author)2013-05-09

The instructable has to be published after the contest has started. The only exception is the Halloween contest (Everything that was published after the last Halloween contest is eligible).

You can enter one instructable in up to three contests.

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explosivemaker (author)BrittLiv2013-05-09

Ahhh, gotcha. "Previously Published" meant within the frame, just not added yet....

So you can win three different contests with the same entry?

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