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Contests listing sort order Answered

New contests seem to be popping up quite stealthily.  I do check the contests listing page often to see what I can throw together for fun but it is getting harder to keep up to see what is new.  New contest announcements will be buried a few down in the listing so I will not notice it if I do not scroll down the browser window.

The listing does not seem to have the open contests in a recognizable order.  The Pi contest is at the top and some of the more previous ones were inserted between the open contests below.

I suggest new contest announcements be piled on top so people can see what has been announced and work accordingly.  At least there is some chronological order to figure out what contests to enter.



Wha'ts known, I believe, as a "Twitcher".


(Kittiwake, black-headed gull, herring gull, turnstone, magpie, grouse and house-sparrow)

Contest-ibles! Melee!

(pigeon, starling, brown sparrow, gesse, and maybe a duck - it looked like one and walked like one)