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Contests; they are getting a bit confusing Answered

I am a bit confused...I got the distinct impression that a photo contest was a photo contest, not a 'best instructable' contest; hence the camera as a prize. Almost every contest has been based on the subject matter (and that makes sense); submit a new i'ble on how to make a better cake and win a kitchen device; submit a new i'ble on a good way to use LEDs and win a product that helps make things with LEDs easier.

Therefore (for some odd reason) I thought the object of this last I MADE IT photo contest was to enter a really good (possibly award winning) photo of something you built (rather than enter an average photo of something really good). Don't get me wrong, all of the instructables entered are good, but submitted as award-winning photos...not hardly. Was this just another popularity contest? How did I miss the mark here?


Well, I'm not sure of where the focus of contests are anymore. It used to be the spirit of an instructable was to be able to present how something was made. It used to be the mantra that it was the world's biggest show and tell. Now it's just post a pic, no telling wtf is going on. I would be interested if that person actually made it and showed the passion they had in creating something. I only looked at that contest as the annual membership throwaway, yeah, get more people making stuff but you know what happens when you cast a wide net. But I guess the rules were pretty broad in scope which makes your point of view a valid interpretation but I guess the judges had something else in mind. A professional photographer with a real studio would probably win in a photograph contest but I always go with the scrappy underdog DIYer.

mm, would it be inappropriate to submit a photo instructable for a contest (that requires a photo ible) of something I've made (well making at the moment) with a link to a 'proper' step by step ible of the same project.
Just working on something that will fit into the colour contest, but the instructions are not really suitable for just comments on photos.


7 years ago

caitlinsdad is right. A picture is a thousand words, but still adding a description to your photo Instructable really helps convey what the project is all about. You don't need to post a step by step, just explain what it is and how you built it.

.....A picture in shadow, or from a completely irrelevant angle is also worth a thousand words....most of them will be uncomplementary......

Yep, that's true too. Also stock photos, not fans of them.

Ah the search police are alive and well....with a guy that looks like kiteman, no less....what's up with that? oh, i'll ask gooooooogle....never mind.

+1. Yes, I'd forgotten them....
Oh, and the fuzzies !


I think the I Made It contest was supposed to promote the new-style slideshows, but I still prefer the proper "step-by-step" Instructables.