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Control your pc with Kinect sensor? Answered

I am running windows 7 64bit, after getting the xbox kinect for my 360, I thought it would be a good idea to control my laptop with it, I have installed the necessary drivers to use the motor, audio and camera although the programs for keyboard mapping won't connect to the camera.
I have FAAST, Open NI prime sense and yet none of these will pick up the sensor.
here are some websites I have looked at:
I have followed all the steps on the open kinect website yet it is still not working.
Any help would be appreciated, thanks in advance.


Try Processing with Kinect. Thats the best way to connect

Microsoft has released an official SDK platform + Drivers.

Official Link

I hope that this is of some use to you.


7 years ago

I've seen some people who turned their kinect sensor into something they can use to control their PC, but i think it is easier to use a mouse or a touchscreen until someone comes up with a holographic interface that is like the one in "Iron Man."

Intresting! :)

Look at the device manager if it is still used to make sure all drivers were recognised,

Google code has some info:


the python code looks promising, thanks for the link, running it in the python shell now :D, not sure how it might work though as the only code i know is very basic coding in python i started for a game in blender 3D, only learnt a few basic aspects, couldn't get to grips with the ccoding :S bit bad as it is one of the easiest coding software out but hey, I'm only 14 lol

I thought of that idea but never tried it, try youtube to see if it's been done.

Yeah, i spent several days on the web looking for ways to do it, i have the three devices recognised, the motor, audio and camera, its just that I don't have a program to let me utilize it :/