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Convert C code into hex? Answered

 I need some to convet this code into hex,The microchip is PIC16F688 and for more information i want to built this project.




8 years ago

There are probably a dozen different PIC compilers. Ask the project creator which "C" compiler he used. Too bad that info is not noted in the source file (as it should be.)

Steve pointed out the only one (I believe) which is free (open source), but that doesn't indicate if the code was written for it...

Much of that C code might be usable in other compilers, but it's likely that the function names in the libraries, etc., differ from one compiler to another. I'm talking about functions in the source such as:

setup_timer_0( )
setup_timer_1( )
setup_comparator( )
output_c( )

These are functions written specifically for the PIC microprocessor (not part of standard C language or standard C libraries), and will vary compiler-to-compiler.

And the constants (INT_RTCC,GLOBAL) that are used as arguments in these functions might be standard PIC definitions, or they might not be:


Even the variable declarations are somewhat different than typical "C" declarations...

Post that in your original question !