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Convert USB speaker to 3.5mm speaker Answered

 I have a USB speaker (image attached). These work great off the computer, but now I want to extend these to work with my ipod. I want it to host a 3.5mm input switch for connecting a normal ipod or mp3 player, at the same time still use it my computer when I want to.

I tried following this, but it's not exactly what I want. Any ideas ?


It looks cheap - take it apart, remove the USB bit and wire the speakers to the jack you want. If you're a bit stuck, photograph it in bits and upload the images.


I don't want to lose the USB feature, I use it with my computer quite many times, I was thinking of using the USB as a power source and adding a hack for the jack. 

You could dual-it. Get the right Jack and it'll have built-in switching, like devices where the speaker output cuts when you plug headphones in. Take it apart and photograph it?