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Converting Dc to Ac Answered

Ok this is my first post on this site so forgive me if i sound stupid...i like to tinker with things so just to tell a little about things i have done...completely rebuilt a pc..wired up an adapter for an old xbox to work on pc...the easier things....fixing frayed speaker wire....rebuilt/and upgraded a zune 30gb to zune 60gb the usual stuff...my most proud is overclocking my amd 64x2 4000+ to 2.9Ghz.....everyone said it couldnt be done...........anyways on to my question.......i want to know what all i will need to convert Dc to Ac power for a set of old desktop speakers i found in my closet.......i have an idea of what i want to be able to do.......put them in a backpack and make it portable.....currently i have two old 7.2v 1200mah Rc car batteries that i would like to use to power it.....and i also have a charger for them...it can charge and discharge...its old but works....so now my next step is what else am i going to need to complete this project...i dont know a whole lot about electricity but know enough to follow directions...if someone has already done this or knows how to and could walk me through what i need to do i would greatly appreciate it....



um... if it has a wall-wart, then you could just connect the battery to the power input of the speakers, polarity does not matter

look inside the speakers in most speakers youll see the power cable (2 wires) going into transformer and then 2 other wires going from it to the circuit board on the board the wires go (sometimes thru a switch) to 4 diodes (they look like black thing with gray line on one end) or a component with the signs + - ~ ~ on it if yes then thoes 4 diodes or single component (which is made of the same 4 diodes inside) is the rectifier bridge of which kiteman is speaking it converts ac to dc but you can give it dc and it'll just remain dc (directions of + and - of input dont matter). there is no need to remove the components you can do it better - some speakers have on off switch which is actually on on switch (3 or 6 contacts) with one side disconnected. connect your dc wires to it so that you can power the speakers from ac or from dc depending on the switch position

To convert DC to AC, you need an [http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Inverter_(electrical) inverter]. You can buy them, make them or scrounge them out of other equipment, depending on your exact needs.

Are you sure your speakers are actually AC? Could it be that they are DC, but have a rectifier built in to turn the AC to DC?

If that is the case, if may be possible (others will have to confirm this) to simply remove the rectifier and and then run your DC speakers from your DC supply.

Oh, and welcome to the site, by the way! Don't forget to take plenty of photos as you make your speaker back-pack, then you can post it as an Instructable.