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Converting an RC Helicopter to a wired one.? Answered

Hello all, I am currently involved in a competition for my school and my question is as follows. We are utilizing an RC Helicopter and I was wondering if it is possible to convert one to a wired one? As in there is a physical wire connecting the controller and helicopter and it is using that rather then and frequencies to control it. The reason being there is going to be a huge amount of students also using RC Helicopters and we wish to eliminate any possible interference.


I wouldn't even try. It could probably be done with great difficulty, but the effect of a length of cable dangling off what I assume is a pretty small helicopter would mean it wouldn't get off the ground.  Even if it did it would wreak havoc with the control of the 'copter.

Are these controlled by infra-red?  If do, then you're stuck with the interference problem, although they usually work on one of three frequencies which would help marginally.  I would assume the organiser will ensure that each team has a 'clear run' when it's their turn to demonstrate their entry.

Hmmm, well is there any way to change the frequency for commercial rc helicopters just enough so it will still stay within the allowed radio band while being unique enough that interference from others wouldn't be a concern?

Thank you though for the reply, and I am asking as there is no guarantee that some kid won't interfere somehow with their own helicopter being on at the same time.

The important question is are they radio or infra-red controlled 'copters?

Radio controlled ones will each have an allocated frequency set by a crystal in the Rx and Tx, with the transmitter flying a pennant of a certain colour to indicate the frequency they're on, or, in the case on newer DSM2 systems, the transmitters have a vast range of channels available so will not interfere.

If it's infra-red, as I said, there's usually a choice of 3 channels but other than that it would mean changing the Tx and Rx microcode to alter the frequency - Not a viable option.

It really is up to the organisers to make certain that there won't be interference between teams.  Have you raised your concerns with them?

The choice of helicopter is by the students, and they will not ensure there will be no interference as using an RC helicopter is not mandatory, but it makes it a hell of a lot easier for this competition.

Sorry that I haven't covered it yet but the competition is basically moving a "victim" (a small doll) from a platform 10 feet away back to the "home" platform. This cannot be accomplished using anything rigid that is longer then 2 feet, so no bridge option. Also an RC car is out of the question as the platform is 3 feet from the ground. It seems as though the only realistic option is an RC helicopter, unless we go out and build a blimp or something.

+1 If you have any concerns, bring them up with the teacher. If they haven't already thought of interference issues, they can address it now and ensure that no one is playing with their controllers when others are taking their turn.

Depending on the contest will a kite do the job.

A wire trailing chopper isn't going to work:

Heavy wire (multi core)
Blades and wire don't mix.

It's going to be indoors so no luck there, thanks for the suggestion though.