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Cookie, cookie, come and get a cookie! CLOSED Answered

It's not a big secret that I reallylikecookies. I often make double or triple batches just so that I have plenty to give away to friends and coworkers and neighbors and whatnot.

But hey! Now with patches I can give all of you a cookie! It'll be a patch, but if you want one just make a new comment below asking for a cookie and you'll get one!

UPDATE: Over three dozen cookies given out so far. If you want one, let me know soon as the cookie jar will close at 4:30!

UPDATE 2: OK, since so many of you asked so nicely after the cookie jar was closed I opened it again this morning to give out some more. But that's it! It's now done for good!


Aww I wanted a cookie :(

dangit, I was at camp! I coulda used a snack!

Me too! A lot happened when i was gone

Yeah. Same here. I wasn't at camp though. Sounds a lot more fun than my hospital stay...

Can I please please have a cookie I used good grammar special for this comment.

reminds me of an inspiring song DONT STOP BELEIVING woooooooo

please reference a rap song next time.

I'm Slim Shady yes I'm the real Shady all you other Slim Shadies.... That song pwns. Seriously.

is that from Eminem's "Marshal Mathers" album?

Maybe.... You've surely heard of it before, right? "I'm The Real Slim Shady"?


9 years ago

i wanted a patch i want my page to say something other than "Derin has not received any patches.Send Derin a patch!"

i know how you feel i feel your pain

I keep missing your patch giveaways :(

awww shoot! i wanted a real cookie! well then off to make some cookies!

next time you give them out may i have plz?

One delicious cookie please! Thanks in advance.


9 years ago

can i haz one


9 years ago

can i please have a cookie i love cookies!!!!!

can i PLEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEASE have a cookie? pleeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeease? i'll be your best friend!

I disagree, my patch will not wear out in a month. I will worship it, then eat it.

I would love a cookie patch to go on my grown-up girl merit badge sash. C-Double O-I-E! NOM NOM NOM!

mmmm... I love me some Cooies. I can eat cooies all day. Especially Chocolate chip cooies.

DANGIT! I missed the doughnut, to.

Aww, I missed it... :-(

when did it close? got any extra cookies left?

Ooh, ouch! I think I'm a touch on the late side here. *checks watch, then clock, then computer clock* Yep, I'm late. Oh well.

please can i hve a cookie


9 years ago

Too late? can i have one?

Pwease can I have a cookie ? I'm getting a food patches collection going ! I have doghnut, chocolate eggs and I need cookie !!!