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Cookies? Patches? Cookie Patches! Answered

So, I have eight patches that I want to give away (I'm saving the leftovers for a different time)
Simply ask for a patch, and I have one left you'll get one.

Patches left: 0

Sorry, all gone.


Darn, I got here to late

Can I have a cookie please? Or a small portion of cake? I'll bring the tea... 


I can offer Earl grey, peppermint, bog standard black tea, a variety of fruit flavour teas and english breakfast tea... 

You're welcome
The peppermint tea sounds good...What kind of fruit flavor teas?


8 years ago

Can i haz one?

Of course, here you go. My last cookie.... Actually...I think I'll keep this one. Bye!

I can haz cookie patch?

U can haz no cookie patch til u haz gud grmr.

May I please acquire one of your amazing patches good sir?

What about the hot fudge?


8 years ago

Me too please!

What the-!?
What makes you think you can just come in here and ask me for one of my patches for free!? Huh? Oh yeah...


You are welcome.
(That'll be 5.50. It's free when you pay for it.)

No problem.
I expect a patch in two to three business days. Failure to send me a patch will result in my massively spamming you. ( Kidding of course...About the patch part at least ;-) )