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Cool Tool - Basic Stamp Logic Analyzer Answered

A month or so ago Parallax had their basic stamp logic analyzer on sale for $30, so I picked it up. Its a slick little tool . It is handy to use when testing your wiring and software.

If you have a BS2 and see it on sale again over at Parallax check it out.

The only downside is the software is windows only, so mac geeks like myself will have to use a VM.



There is really nothing that I can find that restricts the use of the BSLA to the Basic Stamp. It works just fine with a Basic Atom Pro and with a break out board it can easily be applied to any logic analysis project that can be accomplished with a 2 Megasample resolution. Also included with the software are three protocol analyzers; I2C, asynchronous serial and SPI bus decode. I just wish they would make an SDK available so that end users could develop their own tools. Keep an eye on the Parallax web site. I picked mine up for $20+shipping and at that price it is truely a steal.


10 years ago

Here you can see how it fits in between the bs2 and the bs2 dev board. -Joe