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Cool internet streaming radio stations? Answered

Just been thinking what good internet streaming radio stations do you guys have been listening to lately?

My budget for buying and downloading mp3 music tracks has gone down the drain lately and I wanna start spending way less money for downloading mp3 tracks so I figured I can just listen to  music online on some streaming sites like youtube or use internet streaming radio stations that play good music.

What web radio stations or music streaming sites do you guys usually go to , that is if you listen to music  online?


I think tragicallyhip idea is actually quite good, you can stream online radios' music when you're near the computer and record web radios' streaming music when you need to have a couple of mp3 tracks for your cell or some other devices.

Just like recording radio with the cassette player in the ole days.

I also save mp3's from online radios from time to time with some audials program, got a couple of smooth jazz online stations that I like so it's great for a bit of jazz shifting to my mp3 player.

Works quite good to record web streaming radios music to mp3 tracks plus if you don't have a specific radio station in mind  you can just use it to search for music genres and so on and to record web radios' music from whatever you want.

Anyhow, good solution for getting some fresh music. Just remember to keep the music u got this way for your ears only, just to be on the safe side.

What you mean by "cool" or "good music" may bear little resemblance to what someone else means by those terms. Unless you tell us more about what kind of music you're looking for, I'd have to suggest that a websearch is as likely to find a good match as our advice would be.

For example, I'm very fond of WNYC's nightly program _New_Sounds_ -- but it would completely weird out some listeners.

My bad, suppose I was a bit ambiguous, I know not everyone has the same taste in music but I wanted to find out what radio stations or web streaming music sites other prefer to go to for streaming music.

Also seemed like a good opportunity to actually try some other music genres besides the ones I usually go for, if I said I wanna find good streaming radios that stream the 80's music I would only find out about 80's music streaming radios and nothing else new in between.

So guess almost anything goes, open to new things ( not that hard rock or metal stuff though cause those just hurt my brain.)

Others have already provided pointers to some places to look. My own favorite relatively-unknown category:


I'm also a great fan of the New Sounds program on WNYC, which isn't available in "live" streaming form except when actually being broadcast but which has a fair number of archival episodes playable from their website. It really does cover a huge range of sounds that people may not be familiar with -- "new music", obscure traditional music, anything which might be worth listening to.

Hey , this one actually looks to be interesting and has a lot of web streaming radios in the database plus I had no idea about it. Thanks a lot for the tip.

I have a penchant for Pandora, regardless of the adverts and limits (monthly up time) for unpaid subscribers. I've picked up on a whole bunch of groups that don't get all that much airplay (or who do long after they're gone) on Pandora since it first started up. The cool thing about Pandora is that you can create stations based on a group or song. The "station" then selects new entries for it's playback based on certain audio/musical/instrumentation/etc characteristics of the song/artist you've chosen as a starting point. In my experience, it has a hit miss ratio of about 20:1. The playback works in part based on you direct feedback (like/dislike). Disliked songs will be purged from the selection, liked selections will be included. Both will be used to shape further new selections.

Starstreams radio, as well as Vyger's suggestion of Winamp's Shoutcast radio are good choices too.

There are of course a myriad of "real" radio stations that employ streaming to gather a larger audience.

Pandora you say? Read about it somewhere on the web I think but never did really get to try it and see how it works to stream music from them.

It's actually interesting to let you make your own radio radio station, suppose this helps you skip the music you might not want to listen to and get to the good part; though not so happy about the adverts part.

Real radios' online streaming stations guess are also ok but not so happy about all the chatter in between the music.

Oh well, suppose I should go with shoutcast first of all since they have quite a large number of web streaming radios in the database. Just wondering : would it be possible to stream web radios from shoutcast on mobile phone or anything like this?

Bit far-fetched, right?

There are plenty of apps for smart phones already that provide streaming radio. I have a half dozen installed on mine.

Every single streaming station (both desktop and mobile) have limitations. None is, as far as my experience (which dates back to the first streaming service experiments in the early mid 1990s) is a one-stop-shop, at least for someone like me who has varied tastes. And not to slam Shoutcast, but it has become somewhat regurgitated compared with the original implementation. (for instance, try finding a traditional Chilean folk channel, or look up BossaNova and you'll get mostly hits that are essentially regurgitation of American pop stations) Pandora's adverts aren't really all that annoying (it's free) any more than the adverts one routinely hears on Shoutcast's stations, but it does take a while to get back to a specific track you may have heard early on, if you are not careful about what you "let in" to the mix, and sometimes the magic code keeps presenting music you simply don't want (one indy station I created is great except that it keeps trying to insert some monotonic, whiny metroboy artist I just can't stand...

And many of the other streaming sites are essentially loops...some N hours of play that repeats over and over and over. (Starstreams and MarsRadio come to mind), However, they all have good stuff to offer.

I prefer not to "put all my eggs in one basket" when it comes to music.

Each to his/her own.

Download RadioSure,it will hook you up to audio streaming from all over the world and in every imaginable music genre, the thing I like is it's build in recording function so you can save your fav's and transfer them to your MP3 device

Really? Thanks for the good tip, didn't know about this one.

But, say again? U can use it to record web streaming radio stations' music to mp3 or I didn't read that right?

Didn't know it's possible to save online radios' music to mp3s on your computer, though you can only stream them.

Yup,you clic the record button and the music is saved to the file you specify,like My Music,Now If I remember correctly these stations already stream in MP3 128bit to save bandwidth costs,those that dont you will have to convert to MP3,try FreeMake audio converter.


Yeah, would have been nice to mention what kind of music genre or artists or bands or anything like this you like to make it easier to get good suggestions on internet streaming radios you might like.

Anyhow, besides shoutcast think there was also penguinradio.com or something like this that had quite a lot of internet streaming radios in its database from all kinds of genres.

If I am not mistaking there are also some news, sports and other kinds of web radios, besides the music streaming web radios, if you're also into that.

Again, my bad I didn't give more details on what kind of web radio stations I wanted to know about; as I just mentioned somewhere round here almost anything goes.

Btw, thanks for the tip on that penguinradio site, mostly interested in music streaming radios but will check it out.


7 years ago

Download WinAmp which you should already have since its the best media player there is. Its at www.winamp.com. and its free

Then look in the media library and in Online Services look for SHOUTcast Radio. There are hundreds of internet radio stations that you can sort by genre or several other choices. Its from all around the world so there is no shortage of stuff to listen to.

Yeap, already have winamp myself .

Also used the media library to check out internet streaming radios from round there from time to time and find some interesting web radios to stream on my computer but I also wanted to see what other options are round the web in terms of internet streaming radios, you never know what you can stumble on.

I like to listen to regular radio stations through the web. It seems cool that I am listening to something that is being played in California. There are also many genres.

This is the link.

Nice one, just checked it out. Saw that they only list their own web streaming radio stations round the website, but will keep it in mind.