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Copper Crystal Metal Answered

Please assist. I am looking for ways to create copper crystals from copper sulfate liquid by using chemicals only.
I found a company in South Africa that's doing exactly that.

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kelseymh (author)2012-12-05

A search of Google Scholar for precipitating copper turns up a patent for such a process on the very first page. Patents are required to provide enough details to reproduce what is being patented, so you should be able to read it and figure out how it's done. Of course, since the process is patented, you can't sell your result without obtaining a license from the patent owner. But you can certainly use it for yourself.

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CrystalCopper (author)kelseymh2012-12-05

Hi, and thank you for the advice please see link below I hope this helps you understanding what we are looking for. The patented link is for Cu / Fe reaction if we are on the same patent.


Again thank you.

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kelseymh (author)CrystalCopper2012-12-05

Well, the process described in the article is also a Cu/Fe reaction, done "without stirring". You may need to search patents in South Africa to get the details (Google Scholar searches U.S. patents, primarily).

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