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Copy Cats Answered

There are many of you out there that have clones, I came across several of them today.
I am making a big fuss over this because it annoys me, that people can't think of original names; so they have to copy other people, because they are popular.
Often you will find, or may well have seen, these 'fakes' have posted Instructables, but the original person has posted a gun, more than five times better than that of said cheat.
The few I have found so far include:

Trainman2001 - DarthTrainman
Dsman1 - Dsman195276 (or visa versa)
There are thousands for ironman69, although there was a film called The iron man - This could be a valid reason.

If you spot any other clones, inform me please.
I will eat them.


i got my name from extream builder.

Dsman1952676 also has Dsmansmum, and Dsmansgirlfriend. I Have I_am_American and I_am_British. Killerk also has killerk2 mepain has mepains dog toby.

Bear in mind I_am_American and I_am_British may be legit.

Nope, I know who both are, they bugged me for quite a while.

I don't think they are copycats as such - more wide-ups, since nobody is going to mistake "I_am_British" for "I_am_Canadian".

The problem copycats are the ones that use punctuation to change names, and copy the avatar (like "Do_not_turn_off_the_power." with the period, or "Kitman").

well ya, but he put "NOT-killerk" and KILLERK2 up there, and nobody is going to mistake them for the real KILLERK.

It means a person is referring to someone/making a reference to someone in his sentence. P.S: We have a " Be nice " policy. Don't say WTF. The F word is forbidden here.

WTF, is just an acronym. It can be used here, the letters could be anything...

Yeah, but he even admits that he abbreviated a swear word. So that means what he's trying to say is What the f***.

Why are you polluting this site with your vulgarity? Please just say "WTF" next time.

Well, I'm sorry, really sorry. But I don't see u doing any better.... ur censoring is actually worse than mine. I saw u saying " can that sh!t in jessy's broken foot topic. So if u want me to change, then fine, but u change too.

And in your picture, you're giving everyone the finger. Nice.

Hey, thats really funny, since you've changed your avatar now and all. Thanks for removing the offensive image though.

Meh, that's not for you guys. It's my avatar for lots of sites. Don't mean to be offensive.

I agree:

Power, please change your avatar to something less offensive.

Mmmmm.... maybe I wil yeah, yeah, mom.... LOL JK......

Wouldn't it be better to set the example?

If you follow the rules, then you are in a much better position to expect others to follow the rules.

Dude, I was just giving you a hard time. Internet sarcasm is a hard thing to pick up on...

My apologies. At least I abbreviated it, there are those that swear without concern to the rules.

there are those that swear without concern to the rules. Yes, there are, but those people are lowly jerks. You're not a low-class jerk are you? Of course you're not! So don't swear, even if you abbreviated it.

Why no. And why thankyou. I shall not swear from now on.

Yeah, not copycats, but you can't deny that both accounts were made just after I got well known with my Cannon, and then they both start bugging me. So they are associated with me, not just random Instructables-goers making an account for themselves.

I have to admit, that does sound like a fair point you have, as everyone is attracted to your canon. I can see why they bug you.

mepaiins dog toby came before mepain acctually, search knex, click recent, go to the last page and work your way up. He changed his name to ikill recently tho, because people were getting at him for being a clone when acctually he is not

Oblitvitus and his copiers. Luckily no HappyBirthday copiers

I almost fell for it too, but killerk just said that it would be september for the posting of the sr-v2

lol thats true. if he said 6 days you would falll for it

No. 6 days makes august 20th. He's posting on September 1st.